Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Celebration for Kathy and Baby Hadley

This last weekend I was a busy lady celebrating two very important birthdays: Erik's nana, Betty, celebrated her 90th birthday, while Kathy and friends celebrated the birth of her soon to be son. 

Kathy is 8 months pregnant and is raring to be a mom.  I know she's going to be fabulous!

 Amber was the host of this festive baby shower with a fantastically bright "Jungle" theme.  We can always count on Amber hosting a get-together filled with yummy foods, delicious drinks, and fun games.  Also, her pad is drool-worthy.  I'll introduce you to it soon since I plan on doing a few posts on my friends' amazing homes.

 This is the group, most often referred to as The Crew Girls.  We're a close knit group with many years of history.  We all rowed together at The Oregon State University and since graduation we have kept in very close touch.  I can't tell you how special it is to have a sisterhood with so many unique and inspiring women.  Through the years we've watched and encouraged each other through competition, graduation, weddings, and children.  Every time we get together the conversation never lags.  I love these ladies! (Left to Right: Ang, Amber, Lauren, Tex, Katie, Karen, Kathy)

(Left to Right: Karen and Ang)

Congrats Kathy and Troy we're all so excited for the new addition to your family!  If you ever need a babysitter I'm your gal!  Amber and Tracy, thanks for the lovely time!  For more pictures of the shower check out my Picasa page.

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